TALOS project

The TALOS project (Telemetry-Assisted Leakage Optical Sensors) showcased a novelty smart fiber-optic sensing system test application in the water supply of Chortiati (Greece). The tests were conducted with the colaboration of DEYAPH (Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Pylaia-Chortiatis).The objective of the project was to provide DEYAPH with a reliable system for real-time monitoring and analysis of leaks, temperature and pressure along a 1.100 meters polyethylene pipeline.

Figure 1. Project description

Fiber optics sensing is a key enabling technology capable of distributed and remote monitoring of these relevant parameters. Combined with a suitable data storage, analysis and communication, the tested solution provides water managers with a powerful and robust system for monitoring and controling their networks reliably and in real time.

Figure 2.- Results of TALOS project

The real field experiment was conducted in a strong background noise scenario. Water leaks were detected with a precision of 3 liters per minute, while temperature and preassure were measured with a precision within 1% of the highest detection accuracy of the framework. These metrics allow water providers and network managers to significantly reduce their response time. Moreover, recognition ingelligence and storage of the extracted sensor data provide the customer with a plethora of structured information about the present and past state of the monitored network, as well as with predictive information about its future state.The tested technology will allow water suppliers to greatly improve their network managing efficiency, while signifficantly reducing response times and costs.

It is a project co-funded by the European Union through the EIT and Climate-KIC program and in which its activities will be developed in collaboration between DEYAPH and Fibsen.

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