Legal Advice

General Information

In accordance with the Spanish legislation that regulates use of website service, in article 10 of law 34/2002, July 11, on services of information society and e-commerce (in Spain know as LSSI-CE). The website is created and operated by Fibsen Monitorizaciones S.L. (hereinafter, "Fibsen"),whose central office is located at St. Álvaro de Bazán, 10, 46010, Valencia, Spain. Whose CIF is B-40639866 and registered in the Mercantil Registry of Valencia in volume 10783, book 8062, folio 203, sheet V-191470, 1.

In the situation that a user who surf in the website (hereinafter, "User"), would like to contact our customer service center. He/she can do it send an email to:

In this legal advice (hereinafter, the "Legal Advice") regulate the use of our web portal (hereinafter, the "Portal").

Any user, who surfing the Portal, must know that by the accessing and/or using the Portal, they acquire the user status, accepting from that moment without exceptions, the content of Leagl Advise and Privacy Policy. For this reason, we recommend you to read it attentively.

Portal Use, Services and Content

The Portal access that Fibsen makes available to Users, is free, except Internet connecting costs through the User's access provider.

Fibsen is reserved the right to carry out, at any time and without prior news, Portal modifications, updates and its contents, including this Legal Advice. Therefore, you should remember to check these conditions regularly. Likewise, modifications, in any case, won't be applied retroactively.

All aspects related to the users personal data treatment that surf in the Portal are regulated by the Privacy Policy.

Being a User implies the commitment to: (i) provide, in the case it could be necessary for certain services of our Portal, truthful and updated information at all time. The User mustn't forget that he will be only the responsible for false or inaccurate statements he makes and for damages that, as a consequence of the information provided, may be caused to Fibsen o third parts; (ii) not use the Portal under behaviors or purposes that may harm Fibsen or third parts interests, image and/or rights; and (iii) no violate the provisions of this Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy, must use the Portal, the services and/or contents included, correctly, lawfully and carefully.

Through this Legal Advice, the User was informed that it is prohibited, in relation to Portal contents: (i) any Fibsen or its legitimate owners intellectual and industrial rights infringement; (ii) reproduction, copying, distributionn, diffusion, public communication, transformation or modification, unless User has the legitimate owners authorization or it is legally permitted; and (iii) the attempt to obtain contents by means other ways that Fibsen makes available or usually uses on the Internet, and in this case, always that it doesn't cause any harm to Fibsen.


The Portal, can make available to the User links (such as -links, banners or buttons-), directories and search tools (hereinafter, the "Link Mechanisms"), where the User can access others websites managed and controlled by third parts. The inclusion of Link Mechanisms in the Portal has the only purpose of facilitating User to search information, contents and services on the Internet, without in any case, it can be considered as a suggestion, recommendation or invitation for your visit by our part. The use or access that the User carries out through said links is a sole and exclusive decision of him/her. Likewise, the Link Mechanisms existence on the Portal doesn't imply that Fibsen commercializes, directs, controls or has effective knowledge of the contents, services, information and statements available on said websites.

Fibsen doesn't assume any type of direct, indirect or subsidiary responsibility regarding damages and/or losses that the User may suffer through the Link Mechanisms. Despite the fact that to keep you informed, Fibsen facilitates your access through the Portal.

In any case, any-time Fibsen reserves the right to forbid or disable the website links, especially in the event of irregularities in the activity or content of the site linked through the Link Mechanisms.

In turn, in the event that a User considers that there is a website linked with inappropriate or fraudulent content, they can inform Fibsen through their email Although, in no way will this communication imply the obligation to delete the link.

Finally, the User and, in general, those people who intend to establish Link Mechanisms from another website to any of the Portal pages, must submit to the following conditions: (i) they must ensure that any link linked to the Portal must only to the home page or main pages sections; (ii) it is prohibited to make false, inaccurate or incorrect statements or indications about this Portal and/or its contents and, in particular, it's prohibited to declare or imply that Fibsen has authorized the link or that it has supervised or assumed in any way the content or services offered on the website that links the Portal; (iii) no reproducing, neither totally nor partially, any of the contents without the prior express Fibsen authorization; and (iv) it's prohibited to include any brand, denomination, logos, slogan or any other Fibsen distinctive (except those that are part of the link itself) without the prior express Fibsen authorization.

In any case, a Link Mechanism from Internet website to the Portal won't imply: (i) any relation between both sides; (ii) Fibsen's knowledge or acceptance of the services and content offered on the website; and (iii) Fibsen's support of the information and statements.

User Responsibility

Default these responsibilities by the User or Fibsen suspecting that an infringement has occurred, Fibsen reserves the right to restrict, suspend o terminate the User's access to the Portal, adopting necessary technical measures for this purpose.

Likewise, Portal use made by User will be carried out under their sole responsibility. Fibsen is expressly exempted from damages and/or losses caused to the User or third parts contrary use that is established in this Legal Advice. In particular, Fibsen won't be liable for damage caused by viruses, worms, trojans or other harmful elements to the User's computer equipment.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

The intellectual and industrial property rights over all brands, trade names, distinctive signs, computer programs (including source codes) or design and elements of the content of the Portal, are the property of Fibsen, or of third parts that Fibsen has the right to use and exploit them, and in this sense, they constitute protected works without their ise or access to the Portal giving the User any right.

Any quote or reference to intellectual or industrial property rights of third parts included in the Portal implies the recognition by Fibsen of the corresponding property rights in favor of their owners.


The Portal is governed according to Spanish law.

By using the Portal, the User accept that any litigation or conflict that arises between the User and Fibsen, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in accordance with applicable law.

If some content of this Legal Advice is declared void, Fibsen will eliminate or replace that part.