We are fiber-optic research & development Spanish startup, focused on driving digital transformation of water management through real-time monitoring of water conditions and its infrastructure.


Fibsen born in 2020 with the goal to protect the future of water against water stress and operational inefficiency increase in water management. Reducing costs and resources consumption.
To achieve this goal, we innovate smart fiber-optic sensors capable of monitoring in real-time long infrastructures. Enabling new paradigms of water management to become a reality.
  • Smart Water
  • Smart City
  • Circular Economy
  • Digital Transformation
  • Predictive Maintenance

Javier Sanz


Demetrio Sartiano


Fran Ferriols


The team

Ambitious innovation and international projection, created within a multidisciplinary team.
Team made up of young researches with high talent, who enjoy themselves the vision that their work will be the core of the future of sustainable water management.

Our Ecosystem

We understand that new tech implementation never can compromise water quality and supply.

For this reason, we collaborate with technological institutes and water leading companies which validate and guarantee the quality of our products.



Test Bench