Smart Fiber-optic Sensors

The Path To Sustainable Water Management

Real-time Monitor Water Management

Sophisticated and intuitive dashboard, built from Fibsen fiber optic sensors, which displays and analyzes structural and water health KPIs to make better decisions.

Our Concept

Healthy Water

Avoid sanitary problems in the use and consumption of water

Save Water

Guarantee future supply in the face of climate change and population increase


Reduce the huge operation and maintenance costs

Decrease CO2

Reduce emissions by automating and improving processes

The Potential of Fiber Optic Sensors

against electric sensors
  • Miniaturize multiparameter sensors
  • Km Analyze kilometres with only one low consumption energy source
  • Reliable and accurate measurements
  • Durability. Immune to corrosion and EMI

Working Areas

Aquatic Ecosystems

Water Supply

Catchment & Channel

Water Sanitation

Water Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Innovation as a climate change solution

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Learn how Fibsen can help you manage water more efficiently