Smart Fiber-optic Sensors

The Path To Sustainable Water Management

Real-time Monitor Water Management

Sophisticated and intuitive dashboard, built from Fibsen fiber optic sensors, which displays and analyzes structural and water health KPIs to make better decisions.

Our Concept

Healthy Water

Avoid sanitary problems in the use and consumption of water

Save Water

Guarantee future supply in the face of climate change and population increase


Reduce the huge operation and maintenance costs

Decrease CO2

Reduce emissions by automating and improving processes

The Potential of Fiber Optic Sensors

against electric sensors

Working Areas

Aquatic Ecosystems

Wastewater Treatment

Catchment & Channel


Water Treatment


Innovation as a climate change solution

Fibsen Wins the Innowise Scale Special Prize. Water Scarcity Program – Utility Case Study On September 27th was celebrated the final InnoWise Scale 2021 in the Utility case study. The event was attended by excellent interviewers that talked about the challenge of water scarcity in Europe and the innovations in …

La lucha contra las pérdidas de agua sigue siendo un tema pendiente, incluso con las actuales condiciones de estrés hídrico y tendencias mundiales de aumento de consumo de agua, el volumen sigue aumentando.

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